Need Logs? [New Market Location!]

Here are our projected prices and products for our new store, located in the market. Our new store is on the 2nd floor, on the left side of the new division in the market.

sale Oak Logs: $25

sale Spruce Logs: $30

new Birch Logs: $28

new Jungle Logs: $18

new Oak Planks: $8

new Spruce Planks: $9

New products to come, and customer feedback can get the products and prices you want!

hell yes. next time im on, ill be in middlebury. i need as much as you can sell. Can your workers find some Jungle or Birch while they are out though?

As of now, we don’t sell Jungle. However we may add Birch, depending on demand.

Im a rebel. I go out and chop down plai…err jungle and forest biomes and make them plains. If you need me to work for you, i can. Just provide tons of stone axes and/or a shop for me to sell them to you.

I’d like to thank everyone for purchasing our product. I look forward to seeing customers in our new location!