Need Help

I recently started Minecraft and I joined the server. I appeared on an floating island with a tent and a regular minecraft world around it nothing at all like the regular server we all love. Contact via post if you can help.

Are you able to post screenshots or more information? I’m quite unsure what the situation here is :S

tent? was it like 4x5 or so in size and made of wool? its either you joined and yu were far from anything and someone made a tent ther, or you clicked on SSP, still, this has happend to me before, twice, i joined multiplayer and i was on a square 45x16 size island with u=huge holes to the void, the island ranged from 20 to 1 block thick,no bedrock. i think i remember reading on a forum (not on this one lol) that it was a server secret type thing and that it hapens EXTREMELY rarely…

i went on today and a sign was there that said i randomly spawned here put a 4 in server number and that didnt help th island is 18x8 island about 10 blocks above water with 2 trees a cloth tent and a wood doorway with 2 doors guarded by 2 cactus with a few dirt blocks as a bridge i hope this helps

go explore it, have you typed /spawn? that may help.

i typed /spawn i typed /home i even tryed /money nothing i talkd to see if anyone was on and i walked so far i couldnt find the island until i died

I find this hard to belive.

Problem solved then.

Have you tried:

Deleting: C:\Users"User_Name"\AppData\Roaming.minecraft


Trying it online/client?

Different computer?

goofmabbers right, that or maybe try thae (new? it looks different than last) IP

I will try to delete the folder,and I have tried a diffrent computer it worked only once on the other computer.

I finally got on today I would like to thank everyone who helped me. Thank You :slight_smile:

Nice! That was one weird glitch/bug.