Need help for an adventure map!

Hey everyone!

I’ve had some fairly good ideas for an RPG style adventure map inspired by the Zelda universe, and I was hoping a few people would be interested in helping me with it. As a foreword, I’ve never made an adventure map before, although I know the basic premise of it and I’m very eager to give it a go.

Additionally, I don’t have a server to host the map on unfortunately, so if someone has a solution to that then I would be very grateful.

It’s a big project and I’m probably getting in over my head but I think it’ll be a good experiment with a fairly decent result.

If you’re interested just post here with a description of your skill set and what you would like to work on specifically (ex: building(world edit or details/scenery), mechanics, texture pack, creative writing(storyline), etc…)


Thats funny…I was thinking on creating a map also.

I can do the story line and building.

Ill have to get one of my computers to host a vanilla server once i have the time.

Awesome, do you have much experience with Zelda games? That’s awesome, how many people do you think the server will hold?

About 20 people for the server.

I think the last time i played a zelda game was back before mine craft even existed…2-3 years be fore it existed

If i do figure out how to set up a vanila one, Ill need this info

Type of map: <flat, Normal>
What time you can get on. I can only get on from 3:30-510 PM CST (Gmt -5/-6)

The server will also be whitelisted for obvious reasons…

I think we’ll have to do with a flat map, and world edit it the landscape. Have you played the Wind Waker? I was thinking of making the starting area be reminiscent of Outset Island which would be really interesting. 20 people is enough for sure, do you know many people who are skilled with world edit or MCedit?

Your timezone is only an hour behind mine so it should be fine. :slight_smile:

Sweet! I would love to be a part of this! I’m quite experienced with Zelda games, beaten all of the 3D ones. :smiley: I’m not too great at W/E, but I now how to make some cool stuff with it. I can build as well, dungeons are my specialty. :smiley:

Edit: Heck, my profile pic is Link. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha that’s great to hear Pie!

My exams are over in mid April, so after then I can dedicate some serious time to the project even though I’m eager to start right away regardless.

I would probably ask any Senior op+ mainly because they have permission to W/E

I was messing around with World Edit for a good 2 hours last night and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with it’s capabilities and I’m exciting to start working on the map!

We also need a few people who are skilled with MCedit along with all the filters and such.

You can start on the map and then send me what you have to me so we can start from where you last left off

That sounds like a plan!

So far I’ve gotten about a quarter of Outset Island done, god I love WE

Sounds good! I’m excited to begin as well! I would recommend not trying to be completely like the actual Zelda games, but try to be original. It makes for a better adventure. :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree with that. I had an idea to set it in the Zelda universe, like another adventure, where it starts on the actual Outset Island like from Wind Waker but perhaps a century or so after the events of WW. Of course this would mean the entire adventure map would basically be an enormous ocean, but I think with a convincing story we can include the classic land masses of the Zelda games like Hyrule Field and Hyrule Castle, but of course with our own feel and ideas added to it.

I was thinking that sticking to the Zelda formula (3 temples at the beginning, master sword, a few temples after then final boss fight) would be best, but those would probably be our only limitations. That’s just my idea though!

The story and pretty much everything else is up for debate, so feel free to fire off ideas!

Sweet, I like where your going with this. :smiley: would we want to use books, or signs? Probably a mix. Books can tell some backstory, signs can do the things that are happening now would make sense. How about this for the starting plot. It’s the Century Celebration of the Hero of Winds. Maybe have a boat ride through a river in honor of that and show off Outset Island a little. After that Link could get a key (switch, button, etc) to go through into the Mayor’s hall or something. Maybe a witch could then spawn and kill everyone, including link. link wakes up (via spawnpoint change) and starts off on his journey to save Zelda. :smiley:

Just an idea. lol Seems possible though. I can’t wait. :smiley:

Edit: For new land masses we can have warps to other areas. Say there an alternate dimension. You’re aware of the 3 timelines right? :smiley:

Yeah that’s an idea! I was thinking that Link could have a companion, kind of like he does in all the other games. We wouldn’t really be able to visually show the companion, but with command blocks and such we can add text right into the chat bar without having to use signs. We could use books for lore and perhaps a quest log.

Yeah I like that idea with the celebrations and whatnot, I imagine fireworks going off everywhere, it’d be quite interesting!

Bad news i tried to get the server up and i couldnt. Sorry for the inconvienice. On the bright side, i started my map! Its horrble w/o w/e but its gettng there.

You can get SP world edit too! Aww that’s too bad, so you don’t think you’ll be able to set up a server?

I’ve finished roughly half of the general shape and design of Outset Island, it’s a fair representation I think.

Also, does anyone know a good artist to work on a texture pack for the project?

I’d be up for just going with a vanilla texture. I think it would be the easiest, we don’t want to get TOO far ahead of ourselves now. lol, I was thinking of making seeds a rupee texture. You know, cutting grass? haha