Need help buying/caring for plants?

Hiya all! So over the last year I’ve gotten progressively more and more into the world of horticulture and plants in general.

If anyone was thinking of buying a houseplant for themselves or someone else and needs some help in here ;), or if you have plants already and just wanna nerd out with me please do.

Happy to give any advice if anyone has questions or concerns, cheers!

P.s. if you have plants send pics xo

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Wairoa I’d like to request your help with a certain special plant.
Everyone I’ve talked to so far has questioned my plant choice.
Everyone I’ve talked to about it thus far has yet to be helpful.
Do you have any tips for caring for a certain special plant?

So I have a few small cacti and recently one got some flowers. I looked up online if I should change it and after a few pages I decided to not give any extra water. Sadly, the flowers have died (but not fully so I might be able to revive them), so I’m asking for advice on how to deal with cacti with flowers.

P.S. I live in the Netherlands so the climate may also be the problem :grimacing:

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I’m struggling to keep a succulent alive - I’m great with plants

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Hmm, @verajasper , can you send a pic of your cacti? I can probs help you more if i can see it

@Emfitty send a pic, also how often do you water it?

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This is a picture of my beautiful plant collection this is just a glimpse of what could gather around for this picture. at the moment i have over 60 houseplants and probably 30 outdoor plants. and believe me it’s too much work to take care of this huge number of plants and especially my indoor plants because you have to figure out water needs, sunlight, etc…
and probably the hardest plant to keep alive in my opinion is the areca palm. i have lost a lot of its leaves at first when i bought it but now its doing better after i moved it closer to a window where its exposed to more sunlight.

I also have some succulents or lets say what is left of my succulents. i have a lost a lot until i figured out their needs and i think these 8 are doing better now.


that’s a wicked collection man! I love how big your calathea lancifolia is!

Is the plant on the far left a Manihot/Aralia?

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thanks! actually calatheas are my favorite because of its attractive foliage. my calathea lancifolia was small when i first bought it and since then its has been growing so fast.

i am planning to buy a calathea compactstar next time.

the plant on the far left is schefflera arboricola. some call it dwarf umbrella tbh its hard to know plants names because one plant can have different names. its just exhausting! that why i use this application “plantsnap” that helps me identify their names.

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Ah cool If i could have all the calatheas/maranta i defo would swap a lot of my plants out for them to be honest! I’ll attach some photos of mine soon!

Album link of MOST of my plants: @Wolfy

(a few i omitted because theyre annoying to get photos of or they look VERY sick and i dont want anyone to see those hahahha)

EDIT: Here’s a list of what I own in that album (left to right, top to bottom):
Monstera Deliciosa (or Taureii/Borsiginia, still unsure)
Epipremnum Aureum (Neon Pothos)
Calathea White Fusion
Calathea lancifolia
Calathea Beauty Star
Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura (red striped Maranta)

Spathyphyllum Peace Lily (two split in half and one big boy)
Calathea white fusion (two more plants)

Monstera Adansonii (swiss cheese plant) normal/wide form

Alocasia Zebrina (Elephant ear plant variant)

Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston Fern)

Dracaena fragrans ‘Malaika’ (White Jewel)
Dracaena marginata (tall one)
Random forgotten/unknown plants in red container

Schefflera Elegantissima (Pleranda Elegantissima) (False Aralia)
–> Close relative to your umbrella plant @Wolfy

Croton Mad Painter (Croton family is famous for its stunning coloured foliage)

Sansievera trifasciata (Mother In-law’s Tongue) (Snake Plant)
Epipremnum Aureum (Snow Queen Pothos)
Syngonium Podophylum cutting in clear swingtop bottle

Syngonium Podophylum (Arrow-head plant) [This plant is the mother to all my Syngo cuttings]

Bromeliad aechmea blanchetiana (Lime-green Bromeliad)
Bromeliad billbergia ‘domingos martens’ (This is my rarest plant in the collection, turns a beatiful deep black and white when matured in high-light environments and develops a beautiful fushcia pink influorescence)
Spathyphyllum (Peace Lily) of unknown special identity (Peace lilies are so common and mis-labelled that identifying the proper species is very difficult :c )

Boston Fern again (ft. an unknown lily leaf in the wine bottle that literally snapped under its own weight when growing (idiot plant))

Solenostemon scutellarioides ‘Crimson Gold’ (Coleus/Painted Nettle)

Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leafed Fig in two stem formation)

Epipremnum SIlver Sword (Baby form)

Cyathea Cooperi (Common tree fern)

Senecio Pererins (String of dolphins)
Senecio Rowleyanus (String of pearls)

Epipremnum Pinnatum (SIlver dragon pothos)
Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig tree)
omfg that was a long list
Also yes i know I have too many and need more actual decorative pots

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Here is a photo of my cactus, Günther.


WOW! your plants are nice especially Alocasia zebrina it is gorgeous i am quite jealous because its rare in my region where i live its hard to find one here.

also how do you keep your peace lily flowering? i got two in my house and its hard to keep them flowering or either keeping the flowers alive @Wairoa

just wanted to share this photo of my Ceropegia woodii (string of hearts) that i bought yesterday
i really love how its stems are so thin!

i do also have an issue with my monstera (swiss cheese) where leaves wilt and become yellow. if this happened with your monstera please share with me a solution @Wairoa

ignore the leaf on bottom left this is just my fucking cat when it chews my plant leaves. xD

@TheOctopus has anyone ever told you that your cactus looks like a penis?

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At least one of my friends noticed that at the time I got it, it’s just a coincidence I’m sure…


How often would you say you water your monstera adansonii? Yellowing leaves makes me think overwatering? Could also be a zinc deficiency but I tend to doubt it.

Is it getting enough light or too much?

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once a week but not always i usually stick my finger into the soil and if it feels dry i will water it. also i have it in a terracotta pot where it sucks the water very fast.

it is close to a window so i must say its getting plenty of light.

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If it’s sitting against a west or east window (or a southern window in the northern hemisphere/northern for the southern hemisphere) then it might be getting too much, particularly if it’s being hit by direct rays. West windows are particularly bad for it because the afternoon light is the harshest.

Other potential problems might actually be the terracotta, adansonii don’t wanna sit in water but they do prefer to stay quite moist.

Last issue im thinking of is potting mix/fertiliser, what sort of mix do you use? It may just need a pick me up, I recommend fish/seaweed fertiliser since it tends to harm plants less if you use too much.

As for peace Lillies flowering :joy::joy::joy: that issue is still up for debate among horticulturists. They don’t flower at any particular time of the year, but I think proximity to other peace lilies encourages flowering, but only if the flowers are present when placed together.

The only real way to guarantee flowers on a peace lily is to give it plant hormones like gibberellic acid which you can buy online. Try upping the pot size every season, and keep it moist constantly to give it the best shot at flowering. They tend to flower much less if the light is inadequate also.

Something to consider @Wolfy

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greatly appreciated for your advice! actually i do have it at a window that is facing the west so i will consider moving it. but for terracotta i don’t think i can transfer it to another pot because recently i have transferred it from its old plastic pot to this new one and i know how bad it is that you move a plant in a short time after being transferred.

i use all purpose potting soil with perlite and for fertilizer i use a water soluble fertilizer that i found in my local shop but i am not sure if it suitable for this plant. i haven’t used on this plant yet only the other plants that i have.

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Yeah it seems like it might be a bit too close to the westerly window, afternoon light is the harshest and im assuming it’s summer so it’ll be beating down extra hard on it, just move it further away from direct light (complete filtered/indirect light is optimal)

so I’m pretty sure I killed my succulent - 10/10 great at plants.

In all honesty there is still probably a slight chance to revive this bad boy but with my luck its pretty slim.

to save that, cover with plastic bag, stop watering and put in bright sun @Emfitty

im assuming is a string of bananas/pearls/dolphins which is a senecio succulent variety and they like intermittent water, strong bright light (can tolerate about 1/3 of the day’s direct light if exposed to sun. pot also needs to drain super well bc it hates sitting in water

@Wairoa do you know any good low maintenance plants that are quite cheap? i need to really deck my Uni flat with them. currently i’ve got herbs but they are dying as there isn’t a lot of sun for them
know any good ones?