Need a new compluter

Im gonna buy a new tower PC, with a budget of UP TO $2000 AUD, would love it if it were less than that.

I need ur help please, someone build me a PC i can buy all the parts for and assemble myself.

I already have the peripherals like mouse/keyboard/monitor and stuff, and I also will have a case (medium probably).

I’d like the PC to be able to run MC smoothly with shaders whilst recording what im doing. THat’s the kind of speed I want the computer to run at. No preference for cooling methods. Needs a disk drive.

20 shmeckles to the man woman or child who helps me!

20 shmeckles pls.

gotchyou b

Try this on for size:

Lots of room in budget for a better video card, however most of the good ones are horrendously overpriced right now.

Right now, building is shit when it comes to GPU prices, might wanna wait a while if I’m to be frank.

Black & White
Mid Tower

Heres the deal buy a GPU Plate ( Or build one ( You don’t really need a GPU Plate they just make your build look so much nicer.


Also just buy an external disc drive.

Here is my potential gaming set up you could use:
i7 8k7 - Core
MSI Z370 A-Pro -Motherboard
G.Skill Ripjaws X 16GB (2x8) - RAM Sticks
WD Blue 1TB - Hard Disk
EVGA 600W - Battery
Zotac Nvidia GeForce 1060 - GPU

Around 1000$

why are GPU prices expensive only now? What caused the increase and why would a decrease be expected over time?

Cryptocurrency miners. The markets aren’t faring too well right now. I don’t understand the situation well enough to go much more in-depth.

This. Because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are getting to be popularly mined with GPU power, people are buying them like mad. This leads to a lack of supply, and higher prices for what’s out there.

Some people even suggest premades at this point as those PCs are largely the same price still and might get you more for your money right now than you could get for a self-built one.

As for expecting the prices to go down, as soon as the popularity of mining dies down, so will prices.

I made you a list Lewy:

Feel free to nit pick it, but those will be around the best parts you can get for the price :slight_smile:

PS: @Brodur PC part picker is the bomb.