Need a little help

Hey i was wondering if somebody could help me, im looking for som1 with abit of knowledge with ports. i set them up i belive but for some reason doesnt seem to be working so wondered if anyone woild use teamviewer and help me out pm me an ill send u my msn addy so we can sort things out


Download TeamViewer 5

I can help you.
PM me your msn.

Edit: Nvm, you already fixed it.

Msn is [email protected] add me as you wish, an no i didnt know teamviewer 6 was out . thanks for the imfo :slight_smile:

Also yer i fixed it thanks, although if i open MCadmin then start server an try an open minecraft.exe for some reason it wont load minecraft but if i load minecraft first then start server it shows loads of errors in mcadmin… strange

i used mcadmin for a while, must say it was quite a dull server mod XD

tell me about it, im using it coz i dont know if i can import the lev to Mcforge . only hosting for a friend while he sorts his internet out

mcforge reads .lvl files, so if its a .lvl then it will be ok :stuck_out_tongue:

ok yesterday was fine but today keeps saying . 2011-03-29 14:38:41 [WARNING] Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?

wtf does this mean . why is nothing ever fucking simple :’(

also, level.dat is this the level or just the data for the lev?

you mean the mcadmin beta? the server warning is normal, as far as i can tell you would need a monster PC not to get that warning XD, i get it everytime i start the server up, i think its due to the fact that on server startup everything is loaded ie maps, mobs, items ect, thats alot for the server to do in one go XD
and sorry i thought you meant creative, no at the moment mcforge doesn’t allow for beta maps, but i do insist that you get bukkit with a few good plugins =]