nebulaboy28 - 16th of October, 2013


Minecraft Username nebulaboy28

Date of Ban 16th of October, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I don’t know

Reason for Ban Griefing trolling spamming

Reason to be Unbanned BECAUSE HE BANNED ME FOR DOING NOTHING he just said you know what i hate you get out of this server. Why did he do that its been a long time since that happened so please please let me back on

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Banned by ka November last year.

Why leave it so long to ask for an unban?

Please unbann me

Because my acount wasnt working so i made a new one i just want to play again!Please

We need to know more about what happened to make a decision. If possible, Ka can try to explain. If he does not show up within a 2 day period, we usually unban by default. Let’s see what happens.

PS No staff member bans for no reason.

I might as well chime in :)…

Since it has been so bloody long I cannot remember specifics but I believe you went over board and raged when I rolled you back. I like to give second chances so you can be unbanned. (If someone could do this please). If you screw up again permaban as usual.