Nazi zombies weapons

By the time i finish writing this i realize that probably alot of u dont no what half of these guns are…

I’m sorry, what is this referring to? I assume this is a game I don’t know. More detail please!

Umm nazi zombies black ops

Now I see. It was listed in the questionnaire. It was not listed in your post or topic line.

7 people have read this but noone has voted? DDDD:

Booooo Carl on Duty Black Cops is rubbish

KILL WHUBILLY D:… Now that was a pointless post.

  1. monkey bombs, sounds like the best gun ever

One of the loading screens said Ray gun was the strongest weapon against zombies :smiley:
Ray + Thunder gun is the best combination :slight_smile:

O and, what is that bomb called, the one that sucks in zombies? I like that one, it’s on Ascension

thats called the Gersh Device