Nanashiusako - i was offline


Minecraft Username Nanashiusako

Date of Ban i was offline
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by i was offline

Reason for Ban for random fire everywhere

Reason to be Unbanned i already put in 1 ban appeal and i waited to long to respond to it i have been offline and busy for the past few weeks. The appeal locked up so i just wanted to re-confirm everything. I got banned for putting random fire everywhere which i did not do. Why would i greif amazing city’s? i am sorry i did not respond to my first post. if you need more info please ask!

P.s PCB is a great server and i would never greif it.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
18th of February, 2016

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Since this is the same case, this is what Mannriah told you last time:

I think you placed random fire all near Konin Stadium from memory, on top of a forest. Can you remember doing that?

There was quite a lot of it, easy enough to fix, I just banned so that you could explain. Please elaborate if you recall.

Now logblock never lies so you did place the fire, the quicker you tell the truth the quicker you get unbanned.

Exactly this, the logs said that you did it. Lying about it will get you nowhere. You need to own up to it if you did it.

Leaving for another 48 hours, then i’ll be on a cruise with no internetz. If you don’t respond by then, you’ll get a 30 day temp ban.


Edit: No you didn’t, silly Mann. You want the person to reply, don’t you?

is this going any further?

Yea, nah. No reply so, 2 week temp ban starts now. Someone please use /tempban in-game so that he is unbanned in 2 weeks automatically, as I am about to sail away on a ship and don’t really have good internet access


Edit: whut?
Also, yes I tried unban in order to tempban, just saying