Nainzboy - 5th of September, 2016


Minecraft Username Nainzboy

Date of Ban 5th of September, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Not sure

Reason for Ban Building W/O perms

Reason to be Unbanned I am pretty sure I never built without permission my latest build was approved by the president of the in-server country I live in.
And the name was of the build was Montergo’s
Seafood so please unban me. also i got no ban
warning i just got it directly.
And i wasnt online this day so.
Please i do not believe i get permanent ban
maybe a week but or a month but not permanent if i do not get a shorter ban i will be very let down.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Banned by @Twan961

Before I begin, let me remind you that I am the Prime Minister that Nainz is talking about. And @nainzboy , I am not fighting against your need for an unban. In fact, I am also doing this to help you and support you as you grow up.

Building Without Perms isn’t really the reason why you were banned. @Twan961 banned you because you broke multiple blocks on one of the freeways Which is also known as griefing. You did build quite a few things that fit PERFECTLY into my country, but the problem there was that you didn’t ask for permission to build first. Now, you did ask me a couple times to build things, but I remember the majority of the builds you made were done without my permission. Another thing that you did was edit at least one of the planned highways without my permission and without notifying me. I know I approved of Montegro’s Seafood, but I wasn’t aware that you were building, especially because you didn’t ask.

As I mentioned several times, “You must ask for permission before building things.”
I’m pretty sure @MrFerf sent mail to you yesterday, giving you a warning for building on a beach that I wanted to use for a different build. I’m not gonna criticize you for who you are, because I understand your innocence at a very young age. I understand that you haven’t cemented the ability to follow the rules, but even in your current grade at school, your teacher expects you to follow directions. And my point is that you need to remember and learn to follow all of the rules, both for Arial and all of PCB.

The cause of you getting banned was when you broke multiple blocks on the freeway and didn’t fix it back to the way it was.

If it isn’t clear to what I’m trying to tell you, then I’ll make it very clear:
Pay attention to the rules both I (for Arial) and PCB have.
If you get any mail, do /mail read.
Do not edit stuff without asking for my permission FIRST.
Do not build without asking for my permission BEFORE doing so.
If you break anything, fix it back to the way it was, if you can.
Follow the PCB Rules.
If you continue to break the rules, staff will be notified again and will ban you for longer.

Please respond and comprehend to me what advice has been given to you from me and the PCB Staff.

Nainzboy, it’s better for both of us that you would be tempbanned instead of having all you did be rolled back.

Anyways, @Twan961 as you gave me the options of whether to ban or roll back all that he did, I suggest you make it only be a temp ban or unban.

From what I could tell it wasn’t wholly serious but still bannable and you’d been warned by @MrFerf

It’s a 5-day tempban, please learn the rules

If Ferf has any input I will gladly hear it.

Ash called me over to his town and told me someone had built without permission, so I lb’d it and it was Nainzboy. Thing is, the thing couldn’t have been more than 20 blocks, so I just got rid of it and sent a message to Nainzboy explaining that he needs to ask permission before building. In no way was it a threatening or serious message. I was just trying to make sure Nainz knew what was going on. The situation alone did not warrant a tempban, so unless something else happened afterwards, unban Nainz.

And Ash, you tend to overreact to things and take them WAAAY to seriously. Please try and take it down a notch.

If you rollbacked then there must have been more than 20 blocks - he’ll serve his 5 day ban not that big a deal.


I didn’t even need I roll back. I just w/e’d the build away so Ash would leave me alone. Nainz had barely done anything so I didn’t think it would matter.