nainzboy - 14th of January, 2017


Minecraft Username nainzboy

Date of Ban 14th of January, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Unkown

Reason for Ban Building without permition

Reason to be Unbanned 1. I haven’t been on for 2 months so unless this happend in like November this is old, also i got perms for all of my builds because I only build in 1 city ( I dont even remember the name of because I havent been on for 2 months. So why the heck am I banned so often also can i be unbanned

Sincerely, Nainzboy

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
5th of September, 2016

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banned by @Wairoa with a previous ban from @Twan961



Sorry I kept forgetting to attend to this.

I wouldn’t have given you the ban reason “unable to follows instructions, building without permission” if you hadn’t done it.
You were also banned for building without perms a few days before this one and got unbanned.
Anything you want to add to your appeal?

This has had enough time. Denied. Locked.