Myths and Legends at the Haunted Mansion

I know the competition for haunted houses is for survival, but i built mine in creative, and wont have time to move to survival and build it, so i wanted everybody to see it when it was done. So far it isn’t completely done, i only need to finish a bit of redstone traps, so if you want to see it, be careful because some of the traps are faulty for now and don’t do what they are supposed to. You are more than welcome to come by and look at it if you want, just respect the fact that it isn’t done yet and there are a few minor decoration details to finish and redstone to wire before i am happy with it.

Creative Server
X: [size=9px]75
Z: [size=10px]865

I know most of the times this is a request that shouldn’t be asked, but it is for a good reason like any time i do ask. Like my maze that i asked earlier, I was given permission it just never happened because i wanted to film the intro movie first.
Could this be moved to survival so that trick or treaters can check it out? I don’t know how many people actually got around to building their haunted houses, but i actually got mine near completion, and i haven’t heard anybody finish theirs yet. I am completely fine if this can’t be moved, i understand i was supposed to build it in survival for the contest, but i built it in creative so i could finish it, so please check it out if you want.

Pic of the front:

It looks good! Maybe we can place it in spawn over the Halloween period.

That’s all i really want, if it was just moved for the halloween period, and then it could be removed after that.

I had an idea for it if it was ever moved in the Survival side of the server. The idea was to have a dispenser attached to a Pressure plate and have it dispense Monsters. The Players would should bring a sword or 2 trying to find the hidden dispensers with treats and goodies in them. All of the dispensers would look the same so no one would know what one is the correct one.

Nice texture pack. :slight_smile: And yeah Myth it looks good. Spiderwebs were a nice touch. But should there be lights in a haunted house? Even so, not that much. xD But whatever. I couldn’t build something like that so good job. Things like this make me wish I had enough money to get Minecraft… Well I have $5. That should cover it, right? :smiley:

lol. Thanks. I do have some dispenser traps in there, but not any that dispence monsters because of it being on creative.
You know you can go and buy minecraft gift codes at Walmart now. My brother went there the other day and they were sold out though. xD Shows just how awesome minecraft is and how many people can’t use their credit cards for it :stuck_out_tongue:

How very true. I’m so gonna buy one. (with my $5… that’s still gonna cover it, right?)

You can buy MC giftcodes at Wal mart?

yeah, they started selling it a while back.

awesome! I think I know what I want for my birthday. Now I can save my $5 :smiley:

Lol this has became a little derailed xD So myth you care to tell maybe just a little of what’s in stored in the mythical haunted house?

There are pressure plates that dispense potions of either slowness or poison, and there are 2 secretish rooms. One is filled with gold, diamonds, and emeralds, the other is a secret potion and enchanting room. When you enter the house the floors will begin to move since i finished the redstone, and i’m not sure if i will do anything else now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest using misa’s realistic texture pack, it makes the house look way better.

Cool so that room with gold, diamonds, and emeralds… are they real? Whoever finds them can just take it? Unharmed?

No, you can’t take them, that would be griefing :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right… griefing. :stuck_out_tongue: Like the new profile pic. I wanted to change my picture to a pumpkin but it’s near the end of October… but i’ll make sure to get a jump on that turkey!

And as many times as we’re posting, im surprised no one else has. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol yeah. Mine is a jack o’ lantern costume for halloween.

*bump, sorta
Could we please move this to survival for halloween? I would like to let the server trick or treaters see it. :slight_smile:

It looks really nice. :slight_smile:

Myth, as much as I would love it to be, minecraft updated. Nobody has been on the main server for the past 3 or 4 days. If I did move it, it wouldn’t be seen by anyone :frowning:

The reason no one is on the main server is because it isn’t updated. The server is still 1.3.2. Sadly:(