Myth Drawn Ep 8

This style is kinda plain. I’m trying to get time to get these done better, but it’s kinda hard. I think next time i will work with some other style. Near the end of the video my ipad shut down sketchbook and deleted a few layers. So there was a loss of what little detail i had on the other layers :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, here is this weeks:
Myth Drawn Ep 7 (In Over Your Head)

Sweet! I wish I had your drawing skills, I would rule the world with imaginary kick ass demons like you :smiley:

[Edit] Just noticed theres two ep 7’s XD

Lol, yeah. I lost track of my videos during the editing and this one turned into number 7 xD
I’m trying to see if i can find a way to record my sketches. If not i think i’ll start working on an animation by the 10th episode. Idk though :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome Vid myth. I’ve noticed that these types of videos are getting pretty popular and you should try to put yourself out there. I originality saw these types of speed drawing from a game called League of Legends which is one of the most popular games out there right now and you should check out some of there speed drawing vids and try to get see how they do there drawings so you can use those ideas on your own drawings. here I’ll send you one vid.
League of Legends - Syndra Art Spotlight

Love it! Oh but you need to give your dragons fangs! =3

That’s awesome! Here’s something I drew not too long ago :smiley:

Nice job Myth! I still liked this one even though you said it was basic. Sure, some shading on the red dragon would help. I really liked the knight in this one. The armor was kinda cool.

Ani - I really liked your Soul Eater inspired art. The one with the arrow snakes was really good.

Thanks kyle!

I can’t get on deviant right now since it’s blocked on my computer. I’ll have to wait till i get home
Thanks kyle. I’m thinking about doing another one soon in a slightly different style