Myth Drawn Ep 7

Well. This week’s video was a little late. My computer wasn’t going to have the video up by midnight so i just decided to wait till today.
This one is using a slightly different style than i’ve been using. I think i like it a bit :smiley: Tell me what you think

Here it is:
Myth Drawn Ep 7 (Scared of the Dark)

I really liked this one. I did not really know what to expect till the eyes in the back were added. The expression seemed really out of place till that moment. I liked how you did the clothes. The wrinkles work well.

One suggestion is to darken the mouth. From a distance, the face is really blank. I know you drew in a mouth, but perhaps you forgot to darken it with the rest of the features? Define the chin a bit more too?

The left and right arms are not quite the same size. Some altering could fix that I’m sure.

Yeah. I noticed that face problem after it was uploaded :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still working on proportions xD But this new style seems to work in some way. I’m Gona try it out on a few more videos probably :slight_smile: