Myth Drawn Ep 4

Sorry i didn’t have a video up last week, i didn’t have time and decided to spend more time trying to get the fireworks ready :stuck_out_tongue:
So here is this weeks video:
Myth Drawn Ep 4 (Sacreddeathflame)

Picture is up on my deviant art page now

That is totally awesome! I can’t even draw a cow with paper and pencil. Good job dude! ^-^ I will definitely subscribe :slight_smile:

Awesome :smiley: Thanks prila :slight_smile:

Holy sh_t. That’s awesome. Your getting better with your art Myth. =P

So sac’s a furry?

I guess xD He’s actually supposed to be on fire, but i kinda didn’t put too much detail into him being really on fire. I’m thinking about having some animations up soon if i can figure out a style for simple cartoon characters that i can stick with. We’ll see what happens :3

And here I thought it was some kind of demon standing at a throne or something. Very cool either way.

I was going for something kinda demonish :stuck_out_tongue: It all depends on what you look at it as. I was trying to get something that goes with “sacred death flame” :3 So that is what i got from it. If i wanted to spend all my time on it i probably would have had a bunch more added to it.

I love the smooth look you give your drawings. I have that cartoonish look with thick lines(which is great for cartooning with).

Do me next please. Just draw a massive demon lacrosse player.

demon lacrosse player? xD IDK about that. I think i was going to try a collab with a friend from deviant art or something next time. I think i might want to do that for every few episodes :smiley: