Myth Drawn Ep 3

Just uploaded my 3rd episode. This time it’s a request by dragon :slight_smile:
Myth Drawn Ep 3 (Dragon_Slayer24)
Not exactly my favorite, but i had to get it done kinda quick so i could get it uploaded today :stuck_out_tongue:
Tell me what you think :smiley:

This is bloody amazing!

Ha! I was wondering what that background object was going to be. At one point there was a sword, right? Looks like it went missing at the end. Buff dude with no armor beat a dragon? I’m impressed!

Yeah, there was going to be a sword, but he ended up being able to just lean on the dragon instead xD I wish i woulda tooken more time to make this look better, but it was almost monday so i had to hury and upload it before midnight so i could keep on my regular schedule :stuck_out_tongue: