My Website

Yeah, i made a website.

It’s free, so there’s ads, but yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s not much on there at the moment but when I can be bothered I will put stuff up.

Ahh webs xD
Used to make the websites for my old bands on there :stuck_out_tongue:
Going to be starting a new one up soon, but I think I’ll try and find someone who could actually design a site for us…

How I make a website : Get off my ass, and go to the living room, ask my brother, and the jobs done! :smiley:


Is your bro feeling better? Let us know, K? Also, get him to teach you. I wish I had a knowledgeable family member nearby!

Turns out he has Diabetes, and he’s not bothered to teach me, that’s how he is… and my dad… he just makes it too complicated…