my warp is gone

hello, I was just about to do some work In silver bay. then I did /warp silverbay. howevever the warp said it did not exist.
please can you put it back as now I have to travel the other side of the map to get back. and why was it taken off? thanks in advance, zwinky

We have been actively reviewing warps recently, and based on the review of Silver Bay, it failed to meet the requirements. The reason was ‘Not enough completed builds / inactivity’. In order to regain a warp, you will need to re-obtain 3 approvals, 2 from MODs/OPs and 1 from a SOP/Admin. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Belport also lost its warp, which to be honest I’m happy about. When people hear my name, I dont want them to think of an old and rushed city that lost its magic ages ago.

Don’t worry Hokkaido’s still there :wink:

That’s a good point jm. And ok manneriah I understand :blush:
Also asmo we need to do more work on Hokkaido :smiley: