My villagers don't want breed...

Which is a problem. If you can help, please contact me.
I don’t want no stinking villager farms. I want someone that has the ability to make it possible to make my villagers breed, without changing my village. I got them safely locked up for now.

I don’t have much money but I can get some if that’s what you want.
No /warp either.
Still though, hit me up if you got any ideas.

(Also, typo in title may be on purpose. maybe.)


I got lots of them.

i would say condoms, but that is counterproductive…

no idea mate…


What if I Told you…

All your Villagers are Male? @.@


Looks and stares at Delta as he is screaming at the villagers…

n-No… delta… no…

Delta… no… just stop… that is not helping at all…

XD but 1 thing …

can we breed villagers?

with what/how?

why u answer my 3 questions?

How to breed villagers 101:

  1. Get wheat
  2. Murder the Villagers
  3. Ride off into the sunset on your unicorn

basically what im gathering from this is no one knows how to do this…

Have you tried turning them on and off again?

loads of doors just put doors everywhere, and they must have sunlight above them

Ok guys, biology lession.

Villagers are very intriguing creatures, especially when it comes to mating. During courting periods, villagers will try to win over other villagers by building impressive nests. The nests are completely enclosed, except for a hole at the front which is covered by a door. If the courting villager manages to attract another villager, they will enter the nest, build a bed, and start mating. In the bed. They reproduce asexually so sexual orientation is thrown entirely out of the window.
After 9 months 2.3 seconds, one of the villagers will give birth to a cub. Despite it be-
enough of this fucking documentary


Breed = typo of bread?

In which case, villagers don’t eat bread, only each other.


We didnt say you weren’t.

Just didnt know if it was a typo.

nope i dont really know how to breed them

you make houses. make houses with roofs and doors.


I actually watched the video about the iron golem farm in which it taught you how villages work and I could get on a build it for you cause its a very complicated formula. The doors have to be specialy placed