My villagers, again.

Good news though, it’s only one hut that got attacked. My villagers were all killed, no actual griefing on the hut itself, If someone can re-spawn them for me, that’d be great, next step, installing a bulletproof window for them. Seems like some people can’t handle nice things.

We seriously need something like blocklog but for mobs…

Not sure it exists octo…

It’d be really awesome. I will literally find the person, shove my hand so far down his throat that I end up grabbing his intestines and then rip them though his anus, and then shove it back down his throat.

Kurry, check all the surrounding blocks on the Locked down spawn (stick) . There may have been a break in. That is probably one of the only ways to get to Volterra. Besides a TP

Something in my head keeps telling me that “you know who” did it. It would make a lot of sense.

EDIT KA: Do not double post.

Thats a bit violent kurry…
I’m pretty sure there is one as I once ran a server, sure it was local and nobody else could access it, but I think I installed one. Can’t remember the name though

Edit: I was bored so I checked the warp. The only blocks broken were the ones directly to the right of the door (from the inside) which were broken by mex, who is a resident, and they were replaced directly after.

I’ve heard this mentioned twice now. We can’t do anything about this person if you hide stuff from us. If you don’t want to name and shame publicly, then PM me.