My Village

I figured that I’d post something here regarding the city that me and TimmysaurousRex built and then swiftly abandoned. After the most recent map reset, me and my girlfriend (mostly her) decided that we (she) :slight_smile: wanted a castle made of packed ice. We were excited to play after the newest MC update and ended up playing all day and managed to finish the thing in 3 days. But, we’re boring people, so we decided to spend even more time converting it into a village ;D .

However, we’re both the kind of people that far more enjoy starting out on a server than sticking with it. We abandoned the build after a month or so and now only log on every now and then to see how the server is going. We’re usually only REALLY active after an MC update :wink:

The reason I’m posting this here is because I would like to see this village of ours finished. I had a vision I was in love with when I started building it but, I really only enjoy MC when I’m playing with my girl, and she’s grown tired of the project. The build has sentimental value for me but I no longer enjoy working on it and I’m currently too active irl to give it the attention it needs :-\

So, I’d like to ask if anyone would be interested in hearing what I had planned for this village and possibly continuing the project. Of course I can’t expect for someone to do this for free. But unfortunately all the money I have is 7k I dupped from Ferr when no one knew where packed ice was except for me :wink:

Here’s a link to an album of what me and Timmy accomplished in our short while working on it.

It’s located around the bottom left of the server map the last time I checked.

If no one steps up I figure I’ll break down at some point in a year or 2 when I get the time and at least make the thing look pretty again :wink:

Nice village! I was thinking of starting a village of my own, ice themed, and this looks just like the vision of my village!

So let me get this straight…
You want someone to continue building this village, to almost take over it and make it into a place where people can live?(e.g:becoming city builder).

I could do that for you if you wanted however I would like to know a few things first e.g: do you want people to live there? How much will you pay? What are your future plans?


Looks awesome!

nice, I’m building an ice/quartz thing of my own, but this looks cool :slight_smile:

You got it. I’m looking for someone to create new buildings (player housing) , sell the houses, and add anything you think the village should have or you think would just be cool (think, your the mayor. I’m the king) :wink:

However, the village me and Timmy had in mind was just a place we could see other players around without getting bothered and have a friendly chat every now and then (we’re recluses). We built the entire thing like a gated community and I’d like it to stay that way. What I mean is that some cities are formed around the idea of the more citizens the better, but we much more care about the quality of people that live there. So I would say that I wouldn’t want any housing sold to guests or more immature members.

I want someone with big imbitions that cares more about quality than quantity. Someone that will walk around the village just to see what they think it needs. Someone that enjoys building and aspires to experiment with new styles using new items (and of course likes the style the village is built in so far).

If you think that someone is you then I think that’s great! So let’s talk money.
I have no fricken clue how the economy is nowadays. It’s been more than a year since I was going inbetween shops and selling things for more than I just bought them :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also never used the money on this server except when Timmy wants another name tag for another pet ;D My point is that I don’t know whats worth what anymore. I figure that I’d pay you a small amount and give you a couple days to experiment with the village (like a test) , then if I like what I see and I think your the man for the job then I’d pay you maybe half of my money then, and then the other half once I see you don’t just abandon it like I did :stuck_out_tongue: However, I’m not giving away the village. It’s still my backyard and the whole thing is built around me and Timmy’s castle. I want it to be on record that if I feel things were going in a direction I didn’t want, then I could tell you to pack your bags! (but if you’ve agreed to everything I’ve said before this then that shouldn’t be a problem)

I get the feeling that what I’m asking for is too much for this amount of money, which is why I stressed that I wanted someone that really wants to build something in the same direction that I was going with this. I strived to make a beautiful village that had senior members of the server and newer ones that are serious about being in a community. Just a nice pretty town for nice people :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t feel obligated to accept my offer. After all it’s just a request from a guy who’s too busy with real life at the moment :stuck_out_tongue: But if your still all gung-ho about it after reading all my rules and blah then I’d be happy to give you a shot.

an intresting project. i feel quite drawm. if penguinj2 wants to do it, i will likely be willing to help her when im not revising for exams. and assuming you could give me some of this ice and maybe a silk touch pick, i will be very willing to help you with penguinj2 or not.

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