My 'Time Spent Online' Stat wont go up????

I have been playing on PCB for a while now and i have been going on pretty much each day for an hour or so but when i go to check how long i have spent online in my profile stats section, it appears that my ‘Time Spent Online’ is stuck on 5hours 31mins. I hope this can be fixed and i am not sure if it is only me having this problem. Thnx, PLIMP ;D

i used to have this problem… i was on for about 6 hours total (not at once, over the course of a week) it i went to my stats and said i had only been on for 13 minutes! but now it’s not, but going up just fine

It’s time on the forums…

i’m pretty sure i havn’t been on the forums for 23 hours and 50 minutes… just sayin, im only on the forms ranging from 5 minutes to 20 a day.

Well, that would make a bit more sense, but how do I view my time spent online ‘on the server’?

That’s usually in the player stats but it’s down :confused:

lolz i got 1month of playtime on the server from old days =)
and 6 days of Forum activity: Yes I have NO life