My sheep


:/… wolves have been dissapearing as well. Maybe a glitch with mc?

Ive been able to keep my sheep. But if you have your animals in a fenced in area then they can glitch through. I have mine enclosed with wood blocks, so they are harder to glitch out.

I LOST 8 WOLVES!!! >.<

Like I said before sometimes when you log in your wolves will sit up and follow you and tp around with you and they might be killing themselves…

Well I geuss I’m going to have to stick with cats…

Be careful with cats to, they randomly teleport to you whenever they feel like it… I lost deltavor JR that way ;(

Mojang needs to make animals less buggy…

That’s actually one of the things they are doing this update. The Bukkit team, specifically.

I think ive lost maybe 15 wolves, and i just went ahead and got rid of my cats as to how they kept annoying me making my stuff un usable. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have found that if you make sure to quit where the wolves are, and make em sit before you do anything, they wont commit tp suicide to the puppy place in the void. Cats i have no idea. they annoy the shit outta me. Delta Jr was in my house a few days and i almost killed him for sitting on my chests… >.>

I found that sometimes when the server crashes or shuts down for a bit thing will happen to disappear for some reason. On this old sever i used to play on the admin would add plugins when they updated and this was the update when u were able to mate animals, but they would disappear and the admin would spawn back the animals i had i even had them enclosed like Mythbeast says but the way his animals are enclosed in a barn style way they don’t seem to disappear so try his idea.
I thought this might help sort things out.

Word of warning for cat owners - if your cat is in my way and being annoying, its getting a slap upside da head.


I agree, There freaking annoying ima bout to kill myth’s cat i can here it from my house

My wolves have been vanishing as well I also just think its a bug with minecraft.