My server connection is bad and chat doesn't work. HOW DO I FIX IT

dude in the meantime, my server connection is bad since it constantly times out and chat doesn’t work how do i fix it?
i have both windows and apple computers i play on both

Firstly, try and upgrade ur internet plan to ADSL2+ or Fibre

If this is not the problem, try upgrading your router. Your router may be the cause of this issue.

Your connection to the main server?

*If on wireless, go wired, there might be alot of interference around your area

*Check other PC’s in the house arnt uploading/downloading huge files or streaming

*Run a speed test and post results ( )

*Restart router

*Check to make sure cables/wireless dongle are installed correctly and arnt damaged

*Check status of java in firewall to unblock it if blocked

Nada, Always troubleshoot existing hardware before upgrading

my internet works its 100% ok its sober but the prob is the connection to the pcb server

Then check your ping to the server and if java is blocked, go to the command terminal (windows key + R, then type in cmd and press enter) And use the command;


The check your firewall
Still do a speed test and post results though.

I dont know how much you have played MC but if not much try the following:

For chat have you tried opening your launcher as usual then just before you press multiplayer for your list of servers, goto options then multiplayer settings, then you will see top left it says chat and you have options on there like hidden, shown, commands only. Mine is set to shown.

Also above multiplayer settings is controls go there and scroll down and check that ‘open chat’ is set to ‘T’

Once you are on the server press T first to open the window at bottom of your screen so you can chat to people.
Hope this helps a bit.