My Resignation

Hello to all in PCB,

 It is with a heavy heart today I am resigning from PCB. While yesterday was not the main reason, it allowed me to see the tipping point of my time here. For a while now, I have been unable to visit during the week as school is picking up. Now my marks are not as high as I would like which I can partly contribute to Minecraft. 

 PCB has been my second minecraft server ever from the time I joined in 1.3 Beta. Since then I have experienced the joy of PCB including Salmon Street with Valo, Forsyth I, II and Atlanta with Fili and BigCity with you the community. Along with many other OPs who have been my friends since I joined. I would specially like to thank Ital, Shadow, Bro as well as Sip, Andy, Spec, Kyle, Ouhai, Liam and Zesty for being the best and taking what was needed to make PCB what it was.

To my last point, I have loved playing on PCB, however in recent months it has become more of a struggle for me. PCB has always been friendly, yet lately many members and guests seem to believe they are in control, and trying to go over the heads of the Mods and Ops (Not you anima). Thus, as a staff member it has been disheartening seeing this change in the new players. Now I know I am recalling the days when everyone was a community and that was back prior to 1.7.3 but I hope PCB can right its course to make the community complete again. I plead with my friends to help in this, I only wish I could help alongside you.

Thank you to all who have made my year and eight months on PCB the best time of my life!


PCB Operator

Nooooo kaaaa </3

:frowning: You’ll come back at some point right? Or at least visit from time to time?

Exactly. whenever you do come back, i know for my part, that i will be here waiting for you to come back. i have to agree with Zesty though, just take a break perhaps? just enought to get everything ironed out. remeber i had to do the same earlier this year to get moved in to my new house? just take a break and come back to us.

Not much to add that hasn’t been said. I hope to see you return eventually, and take a leave of absence instead. :slight_smile:

Yea, what theyz said. We- or at least I- wouldn’t be able to cope if you left permanently. Every time I saw or heard about something in kt_inc I would break down in tears. Whenever I saw the letters k and A I would start boohooing. Please take a leave of absence…my…my heart can’t take it! T_T

So sorry to hear you are going - just take a leave of absence and come back when you are ready we will all be waiting for your return. We shall miss you greatly.

I’m with lemon and liam on this one. Come back at some point! We really don’t want ya to leave forever. I know I argued against you recently, and I know that was not the reason your leaving, but it still makes me feel bad.

Visit at least?

Dude, I’ll miss you. Visit at least. Be a weekender/holidayer like me!

Please don’t leave for good D: It would be nice to see you every once in a while. :slight_smile: