My real account-to clear things up.

I want to straighten things out by saying that my real account is trevorLTD (I just purchased this account) and I used to play on Aidanthebeast. Aidanthebeast is my friends account that I would play on before I bought my own account, but I have my own so if you ever see Aidan on, it’s not the old Aidan it’s me- trevor.
Sorry for this being confusing, but Aidan won’t be on probably at all because the real owner never plays.
Me and Aidanthebeast are going to swap items and home locations so that I can roll smoothly.

I know Aidan/trevor IRL, and i confirm his story. BASICALLY, He wanted to play minecraft so he used one of our friends accounts to play on our sever, Then he bought minecraft and his name is trevorLTD. so if you see AidanTheBeast online its probably not him. (him being trevor) Some more of our friends now AidanTheBeast’s password but we have not told then about this sever dew to the lack of there maturity. :slight_smile:

AH! There appears to be an error with the forums, the post you see below me is the one i just made, But the post below that is the original post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you change your account settings to show the most recent post at the top?

Woops guess i did Did not think it did that :open_mouth: