My puzzle map!

I made a puzzle map since the server went down for a while.
Ignore the wall rule…

sorry im a bit skeptical, can you provide more pictures and information on the map?

Sure, i need to edit a few things by the way, new one will be uploaded tomorrow

dont worry gg, its not a virus or anything, me and fatso played it xD

i know it ent a virus ;D but steel, sometimes maps dont work for me, anyway how was it liam?

The new link!

Some images…

It was good :slight_smile: maybe a bit too easy though xD also, i didnt understand why there was random tnt…

Remember the rule : There can be tnt anywhere…

but what for…?

Well, we can have some fun when ppl blow up :smiley:

are we aloud to use too many items? ;D oh and how do you put a map in? :o ??? i can never figure out

You can only use toomanyitems to get your items back if u die,

  1. download the thing
  2. extract it
  3. go to %appdata%, then into your .minercraft
  4. into your saves folder and put it in there

:-[ why did youuse rapid share? i hate rapid share… :-\ the whole PAY FOR DOWNLOADS thing is POS okay it orked but i cant find the save in minecraft :frowning: did i do something wrong? i put it in thesave file