My personal project.

I take your musical talents and animation projects, and raise you the spawn of my own skills! I’ve recently ordered a Teensy 2.0 Microcontroller, and upon its arrival, will create a 5 pedal usb gaming controller. The controller that I’ve ordered runs of Arduino’s coding, which is similar to java. The code to do this to, is also highly easy.

Pictures will come as construction makes further progress.

If this project is successful, I will look into making more and potentially selling them or things like them :3.


I mean thats great

put in layman’s terms, what does it do?

When I press a pedal, I can have it run a program, a hotkey, a button( Like I can make it so that one pedal does reload on a video game and such), or whatever I would like it to do. I can even make a switch down there to turn on my light in my room, or my fan/heater.

I was thinking of the Teensy to make a keyboard…

Simple yet still gets job done with multipurpose functions, I LIKE IT! :smiley:

Currently wiring up my lighting system in my room (monitor led’s, desk led strips, bed led strips, future halogen light fixture) to a network controlled dimming system. But I’m using a netduino+ 2. Which my school provided, for free. For a class :smiley: