My PCB will/leaving of assets

These are the people who will be receiving what I held on the server.
New Alexandria, Hanzo (The unfinished factory with roads) and all the middle eastern buildings go to Vexnorz
New Hanson goes equally to three people. 50% to @mount2010 25% to @Fallen_Maiden (Arcadia) and 25% to @CopperTurtle
Old Silvermoor (Which Matt gave me post ban) goes to Maddy who already did tons with it
As for anything else, I can’t think of it.
Right now I don’t give a shit.
Until I’m back,
I sincerely love you all

So sad to see you leave! I hope to see you in game soon!

~Claudia :slight_smile:

John, I sincerely hope to see you back here as soon as possible. If you need anyone to talk to, dont hesitate, I’m here.

Cya man! ps. Watch out for updates on skepy.

King, how long will you be away? Anyways, I hope you return soon. :slight_smile:

like fuck you will john. Get on here dude you cant leave…

k fam

I swear that’s like Mannriah’s thing.

Cya. Hope too see you around some day!

I was away for 36 hours :slight_smile:

Not quite, lol.

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