My ninja group (clan)

Anyone who wants to join my army clan ask me here or when I’m on line and I’ll see if your able to join.


  1. Have to have bow and arrowes

  2. Have to have some kind of armour

  3. I while see if you have the right skill to join

  4. You while chose an army name like: charlie, delta, bravo etc.

  5. Have to have ninja skin

  6. Our mission is to terminate all chickens for feathers and defend agents evil. (if you don’t want to kill chickens this group is not for you)

That was really quick for your account to change and for fatso to change your sig. :o

meh not inerested, id rather be in the group Tantalus or a Hylian Knight. anyone who knows the game the Tantalus reference is from gets extra cookie points from me in game

This is a topic for those who are interested not for unintersd tango (Shadow is an enemy too us cause he likes chickys). :stuck_out_tongue:

You know there is already an assassins group. Liam made one a while back.

In survival?

Pls don’t tell me that it terminates all chickens on minecraftia!!!

Yes it is on survival, No they haven’t committed any mass chicken assassinations yet. ;D

Who is playing survival now?

Here is the site for the post:

I changed the DP too, and what can i say? i gotz quick fingers yall!

yeah you really did do that sig change really fast. im impressed Fatso

I like chickens. If that makes me your enemy, then bring it.

Quite! What what! mmmmnyeeees. -twizzles moustache and adjusts tophat-

I say, quit exquisite. sips fancy wine glass

-feel like a sir meme-

I actually might do that. Would you be interested in joining the Hylian knights?

Hells yes. anyone else up for it?

What do you actually need to do when you want to start a group? Is there any real requirements?

None that I know of. I think each group just asks for members and they join as they wish. I am a magician if they are still around.

Ya I just had a friend and I tought it wloud be fun to have a group so I started at first assasins group but I changed it to army cause liam has assasins.