My New Signature AND Concept!

My new sig!

Uhh can someone downsize it for me I will love you, it messed up.


The new thing with my signature that I think is unique and clever and others should maybe do is put a current project!

I like the idea, but there’s just too much room in between the text. Downsizing won’t help, either. You have to make it wider, and perhaps put the image on the side or something.

Hell yeah! It’s a great sig AND it’s advertising my town.


Ill fix it. I just posted about it in another thread about the size.

Same here, I just found this thread after replying to Sip’s post.

If your going to downsize it then you will find quite a few problems with it like stretched text and hard to see images, i suggest that you make it again just having a set size that will fit in a Sig OK before you begin.

Fatty is right even if you scale down with constrained proportions it will be to tall unless you get it small enough to where you can’t read it. You need to have a sig a size closer to 500x250 or similar. Yours is much like a box so difficult.

I’m editing it now for you fili, ill upload it when I’m done :slight_smile:

EDIT: Done, edit as you wish.