My new baby

So im looking at building a pc and i wanted some of you techy peeps to look at this and give me your thoughts, things i should change/add. for the most part id like to keep it as low as possible.
this is what i got my budget is 700 or lower (USD)

When i saw the title at first glance i was like: “Wait, Niko your having a kid?”

He does live in da ghetto

What I came up with;

You would want to aim for a mid build really, what you came up with really skimped on the gpu and cpu, beef that up a bit and your good to go.

i dont mate?..

And looks good fatso im considering buying it rather soon hopefully in time for summer sales

I was kiddin geez you take things too seriously niko

Chill niko

Nice build there I was gonna say if ur building a gaming pc get a 750Ti at the very minimum :smiley: