My my...

So for those of you don’t know me, here’s the story. For those who do know me, read this anyway.

I’m Filipenis, I joined PCB towards the beginning of 2011 and was banned due to racist remarks in mid-2013. This wasn’t the first time I was banned, I have been banned at least 2 other times for different reasons, but anyways, it’s interesting to know that I’ve been unbanned.

I actually made an account called StickySheets003 to play on PCB because it literally is the only genuinely good Minecraft server out there in my opinion, I was still banned when I created “her” profile in July. For those of you who knew this since day 1 and didn’t freak out about it (CherryRed, ItalianChild, JetBirdie) you guys are the part of the reason I came back and still love PCB. Posing as a different person and starting out fresh really gave me a truly new and golden age experience to see how the server has changed since I was banned, and I am very happy with what’s been going on here.

Things have obviously turned around since 2013, which was in my opinion, PCBs worst year in terms of random posts about leaving (ka_52). :slight_smile:

To anyone who didn’t pay attention earlier in the post StickySheets003 was a fake account, sorry I had to admit up to it this way, but I couldn’t just keep it going. You actually think that I had friends who were girls in real life? LOL!

Just playing, but really, I spend too much time on Minecraft, work, school, and with family to have time for friends! Who am I kidding? No but really, it was a fake account :stuck_out_tongue:

My reasoning behind making it was because I get these random urges to want to binge-play Minecraft, and July was one of those times. Tried joining as Filidicks, but no dice, banned for being a racist southerner. Btw, I just looked back at that post and cringed the hardest I have so far in 2015. There’s so much to say in this post, but one big thing I want to touch on that might sound ridiculous/exaggerated/unbelievable is…

PCB saved my life.

Yeah. You read that correctly, as sad as it sounds, it did. Sure it sounds lame, but around the time when I joined the PCB Community I was probably going through one of the toughest most depressing times of my life. I didn’t show it back then, but I was depressed and suicidal for almost all of early-late 2011 for personal reasons. And I thank god I found this server back then when I did, because you guys got me through so much more than you know, I literally had noone but my mom to go to back then who had given up on me. I seriously thank you guys.

Sorry, had to say that, it was on my mind. But anyway, it is nice to be unbanned and back in action… well at least at the time this post was made, hope noone re-bans this account, no hard feelings? :>

Rancho Cucamonga will obviously be mine >:)

Always your loyal PCB Member,


I am glad that you came clean and told everyone this. Someone had already told me, so I am not completely thrown off guard. I did 100% believe that you were a girl at first… So great job. XD

I am glad that our small server had such a huge impact on your life. I am so happy that you are doing better.

LOL that one time when I thought your town reminded me of Fili’s building style.

If you ever need anyone to talk to I am always here. I met you through Sticky… So hopefully that doesn’t make things awkward. XD

The sheets have gotten stickier then…

ayyyyyyy lmao

just like the old days fili and whubby together again


has anybody got the ip for the server i cant find it anywhere lol

Most believable fake account ever. No joke, man. That was amazing ;D I thought I had met you for the first time last night while I was on… wow. Turns out I met you through Sticky as well, just like Koala :smiley:


Welcome back, I hope shit’s worked out for you man, sounded like you had it rough.


Fyi - Fili, I knew.

You were the only person that I had told to make powerlines with string.

But, I missed you <3

I had my suspicions, your build style is unique :slight_smile:

Welcome back

Thats my boy!!

Well nobody seems to be giving shits I see so this seemed to work out better than hoped for! “Welcome Back” but not really welcome back, more like “Welcome Back to playing your banned-ass account”. 2015 Starts with a happy clean unban, woo!

As somebody who’s known for MONTHS now, I’m glad you finally came out fili! It got annoying /m-ing you on server. Can’t wait to play with THE filipenis again. It’s gotta be said, I’m also very proud everyone in this thread. I wasn’t too sure how all the older members would handle this, and Im glad the community is accepting of his return! Love you fili. =3

Welcome back Fili, nice to see you again.

Firi. 'Nough said.

You mean


omg ban

Joking, of fucking course.

I genuinely didn’t know, although my activity has been shit anyway so…

Welcome back firideeks! :smiley:

Welcome back