My music when im bored.

Well i found this nice site that allows me to make music for freeish…

Backstory: I was on youtube. I got bored. I wanted to make music.

i cant put a .wav for an attachment, so if you want to check it out, here it is:

Yes it sounds semi good for being bored and yes it is random…as you will here in the end xD

wow… sounds great! I lik- wait whats this… choir singing… o_O… That was unexpected. Nice song tho!

If im not bored, I tend to be worse at making music…

Well the bass and drums was okay in your music but you should have added more of a melody and have the song you made as a background and make have a faster build up. Also try having a few silent parts where it is just the melody so it gives a good contrast towards the loud parts with all the instruments playing and maybe have something when it goes straight form soft and nothing to loud and everything like a drop. I know your doing this just for fun but its always nice to add more and make your music sound BAUS!

Thanks for the suggestions guys/gals! If i ever find time to upload videos that are generally longer and i feel like having an intro to them, i may use this (im planning to use this with movie maker and upload it to my channel in the summer)

Now THAT one sounds awesome ^

I agree with Ninja’s comment. As I said in-game, it needs some sort of change to contrast what you have set up, which i view as an elongated version of an Introduction that could serve as the background of a more wholesome song. As for the ending part… well. idk.

Sorry for being a spamo tard with these but I actually put a lot of time and effort into this and Kinda put off publishing this for awhile.

This took me lots of deleting and editing though out this whole piece.

Might as well…

Lol, I’ll try my own as well! This is pretty neat!

So I have listened to them all and I do have a few suggestions if you guys want to improve any of them:
Pie: For your song I felt like it needed better transitions and also do more with a melody before switching it so fast

John: You started out good but then you kinda got lost in where to go form there and maybe work on the build of a melody

Sword: You really have improved with this I just recommend that you stick to a theme and not have a random change in it like you did at your end, also don’t get stuck on a part for too long, try to add or take away certain parts and make a transition towards the next part of it.

Yes I understand this is for fun but here are just a few pointers so you can have fun and make awesome music.

Lol, ninja, I made that song awhile ago, and play it everyonce in awhile.

Ive got others, that are much better, but thats not supposed to have heavy drum or anything, its a chill synth song

This is a great free program especially if you have a PC. But, I must say this program is almost the exact same as GarageBand on a Mac.

So I though that I might give it a try, Here is something little I made in about 45mins.

I ran out of ideas, Anyone know what else to add?

Nice job, its cool to listen to and nice mixing of melodies. Only thing is that you might want to work on your timing cause some things were a little off and stay with a theme. Everything else was nice and I bet with each new one you make its only going to get better. I do recommend if you want to continue this stuff for more then just fun then use another program because this isn’t the best program for track mixing.

Here’s another, all of mine were made 12 months ago, lol

If you’re gonna make some back to back w/o people posting in-between, please use the edit button in the future!

Also Unfinished is now finished!!!

So lets have the beat drop!

Nice Anima! Sounds epic. :smiley:

Anima that last one is much better and only thing is that some melodies are in a major while others are in a minor which collides but that is more of the track’s fault, it still sounded somewhat okay and its only like 1 part. All together I give it a 8.5 /10