My Idea :D

Hi everyone! So, I am not exactly sure what this mod/plug in is called, but I have seen it before. I think we should add the mod where you can shift-right click a stair and then you can sit on it. I have heard this is easy to add, and it is just a little fun. Tell me what you think! If you disagree please tell me why! :smiley:
<3 koalamama

I’d like to see this be implemented.

Not the best idea young koala xD

Haha you got me back xD

Plugin Link:

I hope this doesn’t cause lagg on the server…

I actually do love this idea. I just hope it won’t always bug you in place when it lags.

We can finally use the dining room :3

So would that mean we would have to install a mod to play

No, it’s a plugin

This is a great Idea for any diners out there cough Farm Fresh Diner.

Please tell me i wasn’t the only one that this kid was a owner of a real life restaurant.

Has it been that long?

Im up for it

what do u mean? Has it been that long. and no I do not own a real diner :wink: but I have been a real life waiter :wink:

Was this plug in added or nah? I think the votes show it passes, now it’s up to the staff!

Darnit Javi, now i have that damn Vine stuck in my head “You mad or nah?”

I like this idea. I think it would add to the decor capabilities. Just hope it doesn’t cause lag.