My farm griefed.

My farm has been griefed and they stole the seeds, the melons and wheat. Co-ords X:-35 Y:62 Z: -358

It was adamrhgh and jeromerh. They’ve already been banned.

TY for all the help :slight_smile:

I did…

Question to Ninjamonk does Vladen and I believe Goof(thought I may be wrong) have permission to use your farm?

Uh… what farm may I ask?

Goof, the farm this thread is all about. The coords are listed in the first post.

It seems there was some confusion about the rollback command, so I’m gonna post it here again.

“/lb rollback player (name) since 5d”

This should work for nearly any griefing. You can adjust the time as you wish, but 5d is standard.