My Dragon Egg

As some of you might’ve seen yesterday our server admin @_specialk was online so of course everyone was messing around with him and having a great day. You can see so by these screenshots from yesterday.,VLlky1o,UZtocu6

After that he asked us if we wanted to get a Ender dragon spawned, of course I said “Yes!” immediately so then @_specialk , @koalamama , @madant79 , @VRA , @_Gabby And My self (If I did not mention you in the group, Sorry don’t remember the exact people that were with us then) were all in the end when he spawned the dragon. So of course knowing us all it took us about 20 minutes to finally kill the dragon.

When the egg fell to the ground almost everyone ran to it, then i finally made a hole deep enough to break the egg. When it did break and had it in my possession, I of course being myself said “WOOO” then I immediately ran to my death chest and put it there so no one would find it.

I then thought about what I could do with the egg, Should I keep it? Should I give it to a friend? Then I finally thought, Why not give it to lalazooli as a collectible in the city hall. When I am going to give it to @PrinceMark for his city I was going to make a information book about it, Things in the book would’ve been about how I got it, What it does, How much it was worth, and why I donated it to lalazooli. When I got to the How much it is worth section of the book I went on to the Economy stats on the website to check how much the eggs are sold for. When I couldn’t find the price I decided to ask @SpllatPT how much it was worth, He then asked multiple questions like How did I get the egg so I explained everything.

Then he kept on going on about If I had permission from Spec to sell the egg. I then said Im pretty sure he wouldn’t care and that I got it fare and square. He then kept on asking questions so I told him “If you have a problem go to talk @koalamama or @madant79 or make a topic about it in the Staff Forums.” The next thing that I remember was him saying and I quote “The_Jacob” “Yes SparklyPuppyDog” (That was by accident I was trying to help a new member get to build in free build) Then he said “I took your Dragon egg in survival and destroyed it.” Then he said “Now if you have a problem with it”, “Make a topic on the forums :)” Then I said “Sure thing…”
Screenshot from that moment

Ok so I made a post about it, This is Completely unnecessary and unprofessional

  1. You broke Into My Private, Locked, Death chest inside of my basement and took it away from me not knowing what I was going to do with it
  2. You made this one little question into a big deal, all I wanted was a price tag so I could put it on my information book, But no now look at what I had to do to get back what I got fare and square.
  3. Now the surprise is ruined :frowning: Now Mark knows about the surprise gift that I was going to give to him for his city.

Can I please have my Dragon egg back Now?

Thats all,

You can have your egg back.

If/when you see me in game, remind me about it.

Thanks Ruby Your the best :slight_smile:

Can you lock? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go ahead and lock it for you jacob. :slight_smile:

Nice story bro :slight_smile: I like the part that you suddenly decided to donate it to @PrinceMark town ;D

[details=“Spoiler”]<[Trusted] ~Jacob> Spllat how much is a dragon egg worth if selling on survival?
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> do you want to sell one ?
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> depends on how much its worth
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> where did you get yours?
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> Spec was on and he spawned one when it died i got the egg
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> did you ask him if you could keep the egg?
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> He didnt care
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> he was doing he usual thing, blowing up the world XD
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> you didn’t answer my question xD
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> did you ask him?
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> He didnt seem to care
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> so put the egg back
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> Why, madant didnt tell me anything? Niether did Koala
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> I got it far and square…<[OP] ~SpllatPT> yeah far and square
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> oh look
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> a random dragon
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> it dropped a egg
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> i’m going to grab it
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> and now imma going to sell it
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> first of all you can’t even go to the end (the portal isn’t working btw)
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> oml
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> if you have a problem ask madant or koala or make a thread on the staff forums
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> dragons don’t spawn from nothing
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> he probably spawned it for fun
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> not for people to profit with him

I destroyed the dragon egg

<[OP] ~SpllatPT> The_Jacob
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> i took your dragon egg in survival and destroyed it
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> now if you have a problem with it
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> make a topic on the forums :slight_smile:
<[Trusted] ~Jacob> Sure thing…
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> if people find you should keep it
<[OP] ~SpllatPT> i will make sure you get one[/details]

When I asked you if spec gave you permission to take the egg, you pretty much told me no, as you can see in the logs that I posted. Later you said he gave you. I have no doubt that _spec wouldn’t mind you took the egg, but I do.

As I said to you in game, spec probably spawned the Dragon for fun, not for you to go into the game making profit by selling the egg, that you didn’t ask for permission to take. This is the survival map, I don’t think things should be handled this way or we will end up having a corrupted map and economy. I believe in that everyone should be treated the same way, and if you get an egg, then why don’t the people that were with you yesterday got one too? (BTW, don’t bullshit me saying that you asked everyone else if they were OK with you taking the egg, as you didn’t even asked _spec for the look of things). And if all that people get one, then why don’t everyone on the server gets one? Then why not other things? I know I’m probably overreaction with this last part, but I don’t think there should be any favoritism.

I’m sorry Ouhai but I think you are acting the wrong way giving him the egg.

Btw, down vote whatever you want, it doesn’t make me change my opinion :wink:

Unlocked this again so it can be discussed.

Once again you are over reacting, I am not going to sell the egg I promise Im going to let the city of lalazooli have it, I knew that you would say something and escalate the situation even more. Can you please stop making such a big deal about it and give me my egg back. Also stop harassing me about it, Its becoming Very annoying spllat you are the only person that has made a complaint about me having it.

I have 2 dragon eggs, both obtained legally (Yomi gave me hers and I had my own). You can have one of mine since I really don’t know what to do with them. Case Closed :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, I destroyed the egg, so, I can’t give you one. Second I’m not getting into a loop to explain you why you don’t deserve the egg, read my first reply until you understand this, dragons egg’s don’t come from nowhere, and that dragon wasn’t spawned for you or nobody profit with the egg (correct me if I’m wrong _spec). Third, I’m sorry my friend if I am the only one that found it wrong that you have a egg that shouldn’t even exist or even be in your possession and wanted to profit with it.

There you go, at least this one was gave it you by right ;D Have fun with it.

What ever Im done with this topic its not worth My Precious time have a problem then just mail me I still want my egg though.

Also… I would give him the egg right now but SOMEONE troll jailed me so i cant do shit with my commands to tp…

Why is this even an argument? I said he can have another one. I’ll even take $5000 from my money to pay for the spawning if it’s legitimacy really bothers anyone that fucking much.

Spllat: Don’t overreact

Jacob: Be the bigger man. Don’t be all butthurt

Ouhai will give you the egg or Javi or whoever else.

I gave him one of my dragon eggs earlier. Locked.