My Channel hit (not 30) 100 subs!

I’m not sure quite how, but my Youtube channel hit 30 subs yesterday and I’m really happy and I wanted to thank some of you guys too! :smiley:

Good work goof. I still need a good drawing tablet for my mac, to make the good quality videos I want on my youtube channel.

Thank you for the awesome minecraft videos! :smiley:
Keep up the good work, I expcially like the death count and the switching from player to player ^^

Sub 4 sub!

Sub me: whubilly10

Myth, I have a drawing tablet, its a Wacom Bamboo and its pretty good, I would reccomend it, especially for the price which I got for about $70, and I think it came with a license to a version of Photoshop Elements at the time I got it.

Cool, the problem i think i am experiencing is that i try the tablets on my mac, need to update somethings.

I got u guys a new sub like 30 secs ago XD

We’re at 34 already, thanks :DDDDD

35** :smiley:

Wow! 35 people is a pretty damn good number! Keep it up!

Haha. Maybe we could have a PCB episode, like a whole bunch of people from PCB on one server hosting an episode or doing an adventure map of some sort? I think it would be fun haha :smiley:

Actually me and Liam have been talking about it. We’re thinking about Race for Wool (Minecraft) and Capture the flag (Terraria).

If you type in ‘piefla’ pieflavourtv is the top suggestion, ahead of pie flavour, pie flavour asdf, and pie flavour sparta remix xD

Achievement Get! XD

liam, that could be cos you’re subscribed to them.

(sorry to put a downer on it)

Yeah, since this thread’s been posted, our channel has actually grown believe it or not. We are now at 104 subscribers, which I find, uh, astonishing? :open_mouth: :smiley:

wow! impressive :smiley:

Jesus! Thats great, dont stop now!