My Beach Resort

I’ve been working on my beach resort on the creative server, here’s my progress so far. It’s modern-style, and not nearly close to being done. Let me know what you think of it.

Images here:

Coordinates are: X 2340 : Y 65 : Z 2540

It’s looks great so far! ^^
If u need any help with ideas u should check out this YouTube channel, I get alot of ideas from him. :slight_smile:

texturepack? :o pretty

Nice, me likey :slight_smile:

It looks great!

Ok I have a few updated pics, sorry if a bit large.

Oooo, it ranks up there with mine! Great job goof!

Thanks guys!

I found this texture pack yesterday, it’s called Soartex 1.2.5,

Work still continues! :smiley:

Damnit! Why are you not building these cool structures in big city!? :stuck_out_tongue:

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