My band is on TV

Tune in at 9pm tonight (all you UK users) on Channel 4 for the British Comedy Awards. about 15 members of my band are performing on there, I wasn’t asked but my best friend is on there it’s excellent I can’t wait!

Is it weird that i think 60% of british tv is better then the USA tv?

No it is better. Can you get Channel 4? if you can it starts in 25 minutes

America. The place where they make great TV shows like “House” and “24”, yet hardly show any of the good TV in their own country. Athough we have our own shit TV. Mostly reality stuff is the crap.

Well direct tv is able to give me as many british tv shows as possible like top gear and doctor who and along them lines

Well it was only 2 short appearances but I am very proud that my friends have just performed on live television, the camera even showed a close up shot of our brand new 14-year old drum major, I am very proud indeed.

I saw em I think. What’s the name? Something legion something place something…?

Yes Royal British Legion Band & Corps of Drums Romford they showed us off quite a bit and we even made the credits!

Wahay! Yeah I did seen then :smiley:

That’s awesome!!! Too bad i couldn’t see it :confused: I actually haven’t been watching tv for a few months. xD Just haven’t felt the need to watch it :stuck_out_tongue:

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