My art Semester Final

Tell me what you think of my nearly completed Art Project.
Yes this is a real school that let me really make a creeper.

Haha that’s great! What’s it made of?

Paper mache, it took forever, and im still not done. I have 2 days left to finish it, tomorrow and the semester final day.

That’s awesome +A material! Make moar Minecraft art projects!

Best. art. EVARR!!! =D

nice job, if u fail then u should rig the creeper up to explode :smiley: ,backup plan :stuck_out_tongue:

deff A* tho :smiley:

i like that idea, i was thinking it would be awesome to just load it full of fire crackers and light it, when im at my house of course.

shame , firework night just passed and, sure sure at home wink

Shh, don’t let anybody catch on, :wink:

Simply… Awesome!

Post to /r/minecraft = a million karma

Haha spec. Very awesome definitely A worthy, hope you get the grade you deserve. :smiley:

Yes, definitely do that.

post to /r/minecraft = a milion karma?

What’s the word i’m looking for…? Ah now i remember!


Ok now i see, my bad. I should have something for new years, “Real life creeper celebrates new years”.