My addition is costing me £100.

As far as having meals out goes, I pay for the meal myself on the premise that my mum will reimburse me for it (I’m 15 and have no stable income). This morning I got the receipts from the past week and gave them to her, it added up to “it’s about £45, I think. Not sure.” She says she’ll reimburse me.

Fast forward to this afternoon - apparently two of the receipts I’d given her were for the same meal - there was a “this is what you bought” receipt and a “this is for your debit card in case you get audited” receipt. I’d been distracted at the time and had accidentally totted them up as if they were for separate meals (I go to that particular restaurant chain a lot, so seeing two of them on there didn’t tip me off). The meal in question was £15.90, so naturally I had to pay back…


I immediately assumed she’d read the price wrong, but no, apparently she had also included a “gift” of £100 for the summer holidays out of goodwill. Before this gift I had about £300 in my account so this was quite a lot. Apparently, since I’d maliciously attempted to swindle her out of £16, the goodwill was gone and I had to give it back.

Firstly, according to her she’d already given me this gift, and at what point would you ever go to someone you just gave a gift to and say “Hey I actually don’t like you give me the gift back!”
Secondly, even though I said “I think” and “Not sure”, she managed to take this as “I would bet that £100 I don’t know you’re giving me that it’s 100% accurate”.
Thirdly, I didn’t even know this gift was a thing until I was told to give it back. Obviously now I apparently have an extra £100 I wouldn’t want it to just go away.
And finally, through a series of talks just under a year ago, an actual contract was drawn up saying that she would cover my university tuition in full on the basis that there were “no fallouts” i.e. arguments between us.

What do?


I find it pretty rude to give a gift to someone, that doesn’t know it’s a gift, and then ask to give the gift back. Honesty is truly the best policy.

So you unintentionally gave her one extra meal receipt that was £15.90, and then she gave you an extra £100 bonus, but then she found out about that extra receipt and thought you were just trying to make her pay twice for the same meal so that you could get more money and now she wants the £100 bonus back?

If the £100 is actually in your account, just give it back. It isn’t worth getting into arguments with family over money. Besides, it’s not like you’ve really lost anything.

Basically this.