My account has reset

All of my homes are completely gone and lots of other things have happened as well. For example, my playtime used to be at 10 days but now it has reset back to 0 hours. I think this problem has something to do with the server issues we had earlier today as people who weren’t online during that time seem to be fine.

Wairoa has already told me he can’t do anything about it but I was hoping someone else had any ideas as its been very frustrating finding my homes and I found the playtime stat interesting.

I know this isn’t anyones fault but I am desperate for it to be fixed.

Sorry about the server issues. We had a few crashes due to running out of harddrive space, which has now been resolved.

Are your homes still missing? I just checked your player file and I can see 3 homes listed in the Creative map: dubai, hogwarts and italian.

I got my homes back by searching for my builds on the Dynmap and then creating new ones.