My 3 Year Anniversary / Whats Your Story?

[size=18pt]Today marks the three year anniversary of the day I joined PCB

[size=12pt]I first joined Project City Build on March 18th, 2015 under my old username “ThatOneCop”

[size=12pt][left]On that overcast, snowy day I was home sick from school, and I was looking for a new server to play on. Specifically a creative Minecraft server where I could build a town/city that wasn’t a plot based server.[/left]

I literally googled that into my search engine and the PCB website was the first to appear. I created my account, copied the IP, and joined the server.

[size=12pt]I spawned in what was at the time Big City version 3

From there I immediately started making friends with a few of the members/trusted/mods that were online at the time, from there we continued to talk in Discord.

I remember there was this one mod, she was the nicest person I met on PCB, she taught me all of the ropes about PCB to ensure that I started off on the server with a good foot. She even gave me a piece of land to start building.

I do not remember what happened to this mod. nor do I remember their username. The only keyword that comes to mind when I think of them is the word “Duck” but I know she had some form of affiliation with ‘Acra City’

I started building a city across a stretch of Highway from Acra City and I named it “Minneapolis” and even built a couple of structures, helped extend the highway, as well as even contribute to Acra City.

and then one day we received an announcement that the PCB map would be resetting in June-July of 2015. and the rest that happened from there is now a story for another time.

[size=15pt]So now I ask you,
[size=14pt]What was your experience like from when you first joined PCB, and when did you join?

To celebrate, the server is down all day just for you

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There are two stories

Story one, maybe 2013/2014? I was bored, tried finding a minecraft server where I could build a city without plots, found PCB (but not the website) and the server was down. Moved onto another server where I met @Sammythekat (I brought him to PCB after that server went under).

Story two, my actual first time playing. I join, some people help show me the ropes, sign up, blah blah. Then I met @orvilleman and he helped me build the original Nexus Engineering HQ. The Nexus Engineering HQ is the tallest known building in PCB history, as it was the first to reach max build AND use a (now patched) exploit where a banner could be placed at max build height and extend two blocks upward. To my knowledge, I was the first person to use this exploit, making Nexus Engineering number one since my very first day on PCB 8) from there on out I made many friends and now here I am over three years later and an Operator :’)

these stories are amazing!!!

2nd of january 2017 around 8-9 am, me and my friend were bored, so I asked him if he knew any good creative servers. We went to a few, but then he remembered this server called PCB. We joined, signed up and we didn’t know warps or dynamap existed, so we just flew around and we found a city called New Calypso.

We didn’t know many rules and there weren’t that many people online to guide us, so we went some blocks away and started building a power plant. Some time later marco found out and moved us to a new place. Here, we began the worst city ever… Oreville.