Musical Composition Voting!

When you vote for a song, please mind that most electronic music is like a puzzle, with all of the pieces not being original created by the composer, rather than that of a painting, where the composer has created every little piece.

No voting for yourself.

I’m getting No data received when I try the links :confused:

Composition > Electronic music

Can we also do the “No voting for yourself” rule? It seems a bit pointless if people vote for themselves.

Yay!!! It’s up!

But how else will I get a vote? :’(

Spring reminds me so much of DonkeyKong64 intro. (3:27 in video) Nostalgia Attack!!!
Donkey Kong 64 All Cutscenes Part 1

Just voted! All of them were pretty original though, i must say.

Tough call for me to make. I liked two of them above the others. I ended up deciding based on which was more classical.

Won’t say which till the vote is over.

Whoa! nice work guys! this stuff sounds awesome and amazing! <3

One of them stood out above the others in my opinion, it was a fine blend of music. When do we get to know who made what? :smiley:

Just voted for the one that was by far the best!

Please don’t say “Just voted”.

It’s obvious who you voted for.

Does it really matter if the people that have already voted know what I voted on? You would have to be sitting here watching the votes to know anyways

Only 13 people have voted so far…

I had just checked the poll a minute before you voted so I saw the notice later.

When a winner is announced I guess. Reminder to people entering it - don’t vote for yourself. It will be possible to see if someone did vote for themselves.

I’m owning up and saying I voted for myself… but where is the crime? I started my composition in September and had to wait for an oppurtunity to finish it… This was the perfect oppurtunity. When I showed my teacher what I had done he said “if you complete that it will be very good” I’m sure I’m not the only one who has voted for their own piece either.

Nope, I didn’t vote for mine…

Saying we’re not allowed to vote for our own work is like telling a baker he cant eat his own bread.

If you all vote for your own work then you might aswell not vote at all, it has the same impact on the results.