As one huge was of communication, mumble is a common grounds between TeamSpeak and Skype. You can’t see anyone’s face, but you can hear them. You can set different chat channels, for example for different towns, and it is very lightweight on your computer compared to teamspeak. Also, it is a fraction of what it would cost for only 10 Teamspeak slots. You can get this on your computer and you phone, so it is portable. This is what we need.
<3 koalamama

We have a teamspeak server with 32 slots that costs us $0.

Teamspeak is so heavy on your computer though xD

It is? I noticed that Skype is a little for me. But teamspeak works just fine for me. Plus we already have it. Lol

Compared to Skype, team speak is nothing cpu load wise.

Nice suggestion! But we already have a good free form of communication thanks to our wonderful sip’s <3, If your unable to run teamspeak and minecraft or anything else then you might want to have a serious look at what your pc is doing to cause so much overhead.

Yeah, I have had TeamSpeak before and it was fine. Just one some servers they use Mumble and it is pretty nice. It is very easy to use and figure out.

I think we are fine with team speak personally but if we move to mumble I will to

Hell if its the fraction of the cost, maybe we should go to it. Mumble would be paying us

Mumble is terrible. Don’t believe me? Try it. Please deny and lock this for safety of the server.

It’s quite ugly, but low latency. But yes locked because TS