MS Prima Vista.

im going to try and talk Sacred into helping me with it but i wanna make the MS Prima Vista, the Theatre Airship from FFIX on PCB. not sure where i wanna put it… but its gonna be big. heres a picture in case you don’t know what it looks like.

LOL! We need Alexandria castle then too!

I loved FF9. It was one of the games I finished completely. Freya was my best fighter. The frog loving chef sucked because my game glitched and I could not collect frogs to power him up.

wanna help make Alexandria then Kyle? i think that would be neat-o. i was planning on making Twilight Town at somepoint too…

and as far as Freya and Quina go, Quina was great early in the game when you needed a fourth party ,member, but was kinda lackluster in the late game without continuous use… for those who don’t know you had to eat enemies with Quina who was a Blue Mage in order to gain new abilities to use.

as far as Freya goes i used her a ton, but in the end it was Steiner’s massive attack strength and Sword Techniques that saved the day with me. that and his Tandem attacks with Vivi’s Magic.

Quina gets his ultimate weapon after eating enough frogs on those ponds. They never appeared in my game, so he could never gain it. As for Freya, she rocked because one of her attacks was based on how many dragons you killed. Thanks to my grinding, that attack did max damage every time. I think vivi was my other party member.

Never did like that card game much.

I would like to help, but most of what I can do is “fund” the war. I can get materials from my chests or hunt them down. It’s hard to know the scale of such a thing. I will help if I can. I also want to help the HQ project, so I may be busy. Not sure.

yeah as much as i wanna help the HQ project, i think i would be limited to interior design and thats it. im planning on making this airship and at the same time i have the treetop marketplace that im working on at the same time…

I could possibly supply some stuff, depending what it is xD

im still not even sure but as soon as i am i can letcha know

How’s this project coming along? I’m sure it isn’t easy what with how much improvising must be done with whatever imagery you can find.

i haven’t started yet. still gaining enough wood to see it done. also, i want it Docked at the Airship dock the new Staff HQ will have.

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