Mrpeanutfree - around 2 years ago


Minecraft Username Mrpeanutfree

Date of Ban around 2 years ago
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by unknown/cant remember

Reason for Ban Account was hacked, did damage to a town called riverview, god perm ban.

Reason to be Unbanned Even though I never did any of the griefing itself I felt sorry that I had told a friend of mine the password to my account which he used to grief. I have since then changed my password and have just recently wanted to play minecraft so I could build the city I always wanted to build on a server. This was the only server I ever found I could do that/enjoy doing it. Again I am sorry I had let that happen. I ask for forgiveness for my account and to please unban me as I’d like to join the community again

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

Was this: your previous ban? If so, Zak is inactive so if he doesn’t respond ill make a decision.

Edit: Found it

Banned by ‘VaioVista’. I think that might be @TheOctopus ?

However, it does say:

Yes that sounds about right. The grief was not me it was just my account sadly my friend had gotten the old password back then. Id really like to play again though as I love building cities and this is the perfect server for me. Im hoping that there will be a little understanding and forgiveness and that I am very sorry and have secured my account more and have changed the password that only I know.

Vaio is @Rebzy

Oh shit, my secret identity has been revealed!

Whatever, she was always rebzy as long as I’ve been here.

speedily dog-flaps away

I poked myself vaio on steam. If there’s no response in like a day then I can’t see an issue with unbanning.

Well, its been two years and i have no memory of what this person has done so, unless anyone has a reason not to unban id say someone go ahead and unban them


No more mucking around is needed with this one.

Locked. Someone please unban.

@Mrpeanutfree what is your username? B/c unless someone beat me to it, it doesn’t show your forum name “mrpeanutfree” is banned. Says your “currently not banned”

I beat you to it. My apologies.

@MrFerf I always like to make two posts, one saying I plan to unban the player, and the second saying they have been unbanned. I think doing something like this might make it easier in the future.

I hopped on Minechat during class changes and forgot to update my post. I’ll try and get it done all at once next time.