MrMacadamia - 2015/01/15


Minecraft Username MrMacadamia

Date of Ban 2015/01/15
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by batman_panda

Reason for Ban minor grief

Reason to be Unbanned It was MINOR grief. I broke like three blocks AFTER My build was harassed

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Um… I accidentally started this as a guest… Sorry.

I have been banned from this server for 5 months for minor grief… Minor grief. Not city ruining grief or anything. I would seriously like to come back to this server. It really is a great one.

Wait for panda to reply. Just saying, she wouldn’t ban for “small grief”, I know her better than that. Wait until she says what she has to say.

I really don’t even remember what I did. I know I got pissed because someone had broken MY build.
But as the ban list says it was MINOR grief.

Not my call to make. It is Panda’s.
Again, we don’t ban fr “maybe three” block breaks, we roll that back.

I don’t even know what I had for dinner yesterday bruh. If I ban for minor grief it’s usually like 30-40 blocks, but since it was minor and I’m having a good day for once I’ll unban.

Don’t grief again.



since server is down ur gonna have to wait till i get home to unban (which will be around 1-2 am ish)