Minecraft Username: MrBrownSack

Date of Ban: Sunday, the 24th of Feb

Banned by: I think Wairoo

Reason for Ban: Hate Speech

Reason to be Unbanned: I said FUCK N*GG**S and various things. Literally no one was on to hear it (at least I thought) and that’s why I said it. Tab showed 0 players so i was like why not. I didn’t know that it still wasn’t allowed even if no one was there to hear it. My apologies.

Previous appeals: on in 15’ and one in 17’. One for x-raying and the other I don’t remember. I’d appreciate an unban since I have a good amount of stuff on that server and I understand what I did was wrong.

I’ve had atleast 5 complaints about your behaviour and how how you interact with others, and what I saw you putting in chat only confirms those complaints. When you thought you were alone you said these things:

Sun, 24. Feb 2019 16:16:12 EST <Survival>< ~ManSlaveBrown > anal niggers!!

Sun, 24. Feb 2019 16:20:08 EST <Survival>< ~ManSlaveBrown > I HATE NIGGERS

Sun, 24. Feb 2019 16:20:10 EST <Survival>< ~ManSlaveBrown > FUCK NIGGERS

This is clearly a no-no if you look at our rules page, regardless of whether you thought you were alone or not. The fact that you did it in the first place regardless of the fact, speaks volumes.

Will need to take some time to decide what to do. If you have anything additional to add now is the time.

I didn’t think it would matter since no one was on. If people were on I wouldn’t have said any of that besides the anal part.

Read this sentence again and see if you can understand how ridiculous it really is. Get help. This isn’t how I remember you acting.

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I’ve decided to tempban for 20 days starting as of this post, you will automatically be unbanned after this period had past. Locked.